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Cleaning for Airbnb Guests


I love coming up with new ideas on how to travel cheaper. In the past, I always just tried to spend less money during a vacation or an adventure but now there is a way to earn money while on vacation to cover some of the costs of the trip … list your home on is an awesome alternative to traditional hotels. Homeowners can list their homes on the website and then travelers can stay at their homes often for a lower cost than nearby hotel rooms. I list my home on during all dates I plan to be away on vacation or for business.

In order to ensure you continue to have more guests in your home, you need to be sure the ones that lease from you have a pleasant experience and leave a nice review so you will want to prepare your home for Airbnb guests. Here is how to do it.


You should have fresh and clean sheets and bedspreads for each bed in the home. Your guests do not want to sleep on dirty bedding during their stay in your home. Be sure to have fresh hand towels and bath towels available in each bathroom as well.


Be sure to vacuum before your guests arrive. I also recommend going one step further and hiring a local carpet cleaning service to remove stains and deep dirt. I use Lloyd’s Chem-Dry for my home in Denver, CO.


I recommend you scrub down the tiles and the bathtub in the shower in your bathroom. You should remove dirt from the grout and reseal if needed for a cleaner appearance.


This should be obvious but you need to bleach and clean your toilets before Airbnb guests arrive in your home. There’s no excuse for a toilet that isn’t 100% clean inside and out and you should have all the necessary cleaning solutions and tools in your home already.


If you have a yard, you will want to mow it and trim the weeds and prune the bushes before the guests arrive for their stay. This will make a wonderful first impression and excite the guests about their decision to stay in your home during their vacation or business trip.


Wipe down your refrigerator on the inside and the outside and throw out all of your expired food. Try to clear out as much of the food as possible in preparation of being gone and so there is more space for your guests. You should also wipe down microwaves and ovens too.


Place personal photos and valuables out of view in your home. This will create a more personal experience for your Airbnb guests during their stay in your home and you will want the comfort of knowing your valuables are safe. You could even drop them off at a nearby friend or relative’s home during your own vacation.

The money you earn from leasing your home on can help to pay for your current vacation or plan for a future one.